Fees and Bursaries

Payment of Fees

Performanze fees are payable by monthly using direct debit . The fees will be divided equally between 12 months . This means a payment is payable during August but allows parents to budget equally over 12 set months. One months payment is taken in advance of sign up and is refunded with one terms notice given. 

Performanze is delighted to be able to offer means-tested Community Bursaries for local children.  Our intention is to extend dance opportunities to the wider community and to those children who show promise and demonstrate competency in the high-ability range, but whose families have limited financial means. 


Sibling discount 10% 

PTA discount 10%

HM Forces /NHS Discount: 10%

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Frequently asked questions

How can I set up payment?

All students are invited to a Taster Session. After this we will be in contact to arrange a 6 week trial. We will supply you with a trial registration pack and paymet form to cover fees for a 6 week period. 5 weeks into your 6 week trial we will issue you with a standard direct debit form to complete to set up payments for regular classes. There is a £10 administration joining fee payable on signup to classes.

What do your class fee include?

Fees include termly classes. There are 11 weeks per term and 3 terms per year. We do not run the first and last week of academic school terms. This fee includes entrance to Kenton Theatre anual showcase. Parents are resposnible for Uniform Show tickets Examination Entry Additionally some students make take part in Squad and Competition. Additional fees varry depending on the event and entry fees.

How do I cancel dance classes?

We hope that children enjoy their time with us and will stay with us and progress through their dance training for many years. However we know and understand that parents may move and sometimes it is necessary to cancel classes. We ask where possible for a Terms notice to be given (Jan-Easter=1 term) but where this is not possible a minimum of 1 months notice to be given. Notice must be given in writing and emailed through to performanze@live.co.uk. Failure to inform us in writing will incur an administration charge and a dance months fee.

When is my direct debit due?

Direct debits are processed on the 1st of every month. They are spread and payable over 12 equal months. A terms notice is requested to cancel direct debit, where this is not possible a minimum of one months notice is mandatory. A one off payment is due prior to starting a 6 week trial. After your trial you will be set up on a monthly direct debit plan. One months fee is payable in advance plus a £10 administartion joining fee.

How much are fees?

Fees are calculated on the length of the class. 30 Min class time = £20 per month 60 Min class time = £30 per month 90 Min class time = £40 per month Unlimited class time= £50 per month Unlimited class time allows children to dance at any class in their colour grading on any day at any venue. These classes work out as little as £2.50 per class!

How do I pay for examinations, uniform and extra activities?

Once your gocardless account is set up (during your 6 week trial) we are able to arrange and process an online transaction for you to cover 1-2-1 classes, uniform, examination fees, group thetare trips, squad entry, competition entry and more. The exception to this rule Anual showcase at Kenton Theatre where parents must book and pay for their own seats individually.