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Dance School

Practice. Perfect. Perform. 

I would like to thank all our dancers and parents for standing by us during these strange times. Please note that although the studio is closed the dance teachers and dancers are working hard as ever. Bringing  classes to you via zoom and online platforms.

Direct from our living room to yours!

Dance Groups

Heading 4


Navy Group

Monday-Friday 5:00-5:45

Saturday 11:50-12:30


Black Group

Monday-Friday 5:00-5:45

Saturday 11:50-12:30 


Pink  Group

Saturday 10:05-10:30 


Blue Group

Monday-Friday 430-5:00

Saturday  10:35-11:05


Plum Group

Monday-Friday 430-5:00 Saturday  11:10-11:45


Purple Group

Monday-Friday 430-5:00

Saturday  11:10-11:45


Our Approach

We are a child centred vibrant dance school. All children are welcome.  We aim to make happy, empowered confident young leaders who are self motivated team players. A dance school  where friendships and special memories are created and where a love of dance is established. Your children will understand that success requires hard work, personal responsibility, respect and consideration for others. These qualities will remain with them, equipping him or her for future challenges and providing an edge in years to come.  

What Parents Think

Outstanding, friendly and supportive studio Principal who's primary goal is to nurture a positive self image, confidence and a life-long love of dance in each of her dancers. 

Check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!"

C Persaud